Jacket ''ATAKA'' FIAS license

Red jacket (kurtka) for Sambo. FIAS model. The model is classic and suitable for activities and competitions of all levels, approved by the FIAS which is confirmed by the availability of relevant documentation.

The jacket FIAS is sewed on modern patterns of 100% high strength cotton, has a corrugated structure. For maximum comfort, the inside is finished with soft white cotton. Included with the jacket comes a belt. All seams are reinforced to withstand exertion. This is a high-quality wear-resistant jacket that provides comfort and mobility. We are working  direct with manufacturer, so we offer the lowest prices.

– Made in Russia
– 100% cotton
– Fabric density: 580 g/m2
– Colours: red and blue
– Hypoallergenic
– Extremely durable
– Heavy cotton
– Tensile strength
– Not hinder a "restrict"
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