Kids Jacket 'ATAKA'

Red jacket ( kurtka ) for Sambo, model "Attack" This is a high-quality Sambo kurtka jacket, approved by the Russian Sambo Federation for training and competition. Model "Attack" fully complies with international requirements of Sambo uniform. The jacket is made of durable natural cotton, has a corrugated structure, the inside is decorated with soft white cotton. All seams are reinforced and can withstand extertion. Sewn on contemporary patterns this Sambo jacket securely fixed on the body of the athlete, providing at the same time the comfort and mobility. The jacket is easy to keep clean with a washing machine. As a direct manufacturer, we offer the lowest prices and favourable terms of cooperation.
– Made in Russia
– 100% cotton
– Fabric density: 580 g/m2
– Colours: red and blue
– Hypoallergenic
– Extremely durable
– Heavy cotton
– Tensile strength
– Not hinder a "restrict"
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